We are proud to offer training for young and show horses.

$500 monthlyphoto 3

Full Training


  • 3-4 Training rides a week
  • Option of one training ride being a lesson if time is available
  • Horse groomed with mane pulled and whiskers trimmed
  • Biweekly updates for owner

This is geared toward show horses and people unable to ride regularly.

$600 monthly


Young Horse/Pony Started

This is designed for young or novice horses who are in need more than just fitness and rehabbing. The process is more intensive and requires more time. This option is only offer with full board. A minimum of three month commitment is required to qualify for this training.


  • 3-4 Working or riding sessions a week
  • Exposure to new things including trailer, traps, water, etc.
  • Mane pulled and whiskers trimmed

$50 a rideAviary Photo_131687482410497424

   Schooling Rides

Did you and your horse end on a bad note? Is there something that needs to be fine tuned? This maybe what you need. This is for a one time tune up ride or new behavior to be analyzed.